How would someone learn English fast?

How would someone learn English fast? Of course this normally happens when most of the people that request me through email would want to learn to speak and learn in a span of a week. It is indeed possible for one to learn English in a very short span. You must of yourself have the passion and zeal to be able to learn English. This will require you to spend more and more time learning. You must be motivated by something that will drive your passion of learning English. רונית ארזי You must learn how to train your ears, and this you will achieve by focusing on what you are being taught. A habit when practiced turns into a lifestyle, so continuously and consistently learn how to listen to English words. The first thing you can acquaint yourself to is by focusing on phrases that are used. Do not major on the grammar at first. Never be afraid to make mistakes, be it spoken or written English. Have a positive attitude towards what you are doing in order to achieve the best. Once you doubt yourself then you will not have the courage to improve on the mistakes that you have made. You can also learn through watching a few videos on YouTube. It is easy to catch a phrase or two that would be used. Not only should you major on how to speak but also how to write different words here and there. The easiest way is by learning the alphabetical letters and also learning different structures of a sentence. For example, when writing an article that would require you to use different headings, it would be easy to divide the article into different structures. The structure should follow the format of H1, H2, H3.That is the best page formatting style guide that one can use.